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Cursed Pirate Girl release party

Posted by jeremybastian on April 5, 2008

The first issue comes out April 16th (yay) now the good folks down at Vault of Midnight (219 S. Main st. Ann Arbor MI.) host book release parties for those who want em. Now I got a little prob, see I’ve got to be in New York the 18th through the 20th pushing the book at the con at the Javitz center. The next viable window to host this book release party is a full 10 days after it’s already out in stores. So there you go. The party will be April 26 (it’s a sat.) from 7-9pm, I’m gonna have some tasty things set up as well as a sneak peek at issue two. I kinda got geeked about this and printed up some postcards too, seeing as how I never really had a gallery show or anything. I got them printed from a co. in Detroit called Klever Design and Printing they’ve also got the best deals on business cards. If you’re in the area and you need something like that check them out.
<img src=”postcard front” alt=”postcard front” />
<img src=”postcard back” alt=”postcard back” />


2 Responses to “Cursed Pirate Girl release party”

  1. David Petersen said

    Wish I could attend the release party, but I’ll be in Calagary.
    I hope it goes really well!!!

  2. Nate Pride said

    I’m there, buddy! Looking forward to the big show. I’m even going to stay away from comic stores until your release party at The Vault — that way it will be extra special. See ya there.

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