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New York con.

Posted by jeremybastian on April 23, 2008

This past weekend I attended the New York comicon at the Javits Center. It was a good show. I didn’t have to much time to check out any of the panels but, I had a great time with the Archaia crew. I made some great new friends, and all are extremely talented. I’m really proud to be a member of Archaia.

I sold a couple of pages from issue 2 and did a number of con sketches. That should pay the rent for awhile. Here are a couple of the sketches I couldn’t finish at the show, so I took them home. Just finished them about an hour ago. Again I forgot a camera so I don’t have images of any of the other sketches. heh heh Anyway, here’s Pan, Ariel, and another one of the most famous bird in the comic biz, Coda.


Ariel and flounder

Coda of the deep and CPG


One Response to “New York con.”

  1. Shawn Fritschy said

    Thank you so much Jeremy! I am so glad to have finally met you @ the NYCC. Your art enriches my life (as does David’s) and I consider myself fortunate to know someone like you. Best, Shawn

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