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Tom’s guitar

Posted by jeremybastian on May 4, 2008

So last year in Chicago I had the good fortune to meet a man named Tom. He talked about a guitar he wanted me to do something on. At first I felt a little uncertain about putting something permanently on an antique guitar like this but I took it on anyway. The octopus and bat motif was Tom’s idea, two good staples of what I like to draw.

I tried first doing it with testers modeling enamel, I thought this would be the best way to replicate the same kind of brush work I’m used to. This didn’t work so well, the line work was too thick and I had to keep going over the same lines to get it nice and dark. I was able to scratch it off very easily. Next I tried ink, I got the same quality of line work but it came off to easily with water. So then I tried identipen, it’s a permanent marker with two ends, one bold one fine. That worked perfectly, good line work and doesn’t come off at all. So here’s what you get.

I’m currently not working on commissions, but this was something I had to do, I hope Tom likes it.

Tom's guitar


octopus detail


2 Responses to “Tom’s guitar”

  1. Marie said

    Hi! It’s Marie (from MotorCity, with Nigel). I can’t imagine anyone not liking this work, it’s absolutely amazing. I’m starting to re-learn the violin and at some point in my life, you are going to be bullied into turning my violin into a piece of art. ;p
    Hope you had a great memorial day week-end~

  2. Matt Tait said

    Hey Jeremy,

    This is awesome! I really love how you worked the art so well into the shape of the guitar, the bat wing mimicking the curve of the sound-hole is a very nice touch.

    Good use of the IDentipen that we grew to love so much at work!

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