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My #1 fan

Posted by jeremybastian on May 8, 2008

A few years ago when I first set up in Chicago selling the b&w issue one of Cursed Pirate Girl I met a man named Daniel. He purchased my book as well as a sketchbook I was selling back then. The next day he came back to my table with an illustration from my sketchbook that his daughter Tiara had drawn. I have unfortunately put that drawing and the ones that followed in a safe place, so safe that I cannot locate it right now… heh heh. Don’t worry Tiara I will be moving shortly and I’m sure to find it then.

When Tiara found out I was going to have a release party for my book in Ann Arbor she convinced her dad to drive her all the way over here. Then I had to cancel the release party. They still wanted to come over so I said sure. We met at Vault of Midnight where I was supposed to have my party (and printer willing, will still have a release party someday), and then went out for Ethiopian (which was really good!). Before dinner Tiara gave me the coolest fan art ever. The first one is to commemorate the release of my book (there was going to be a date at the bottom, but that will have to wait), and the second is the piece of wood that CPG drew a picture of her dad on. Tiara got it perfectly, I should have had her do it before I put it into my book. It would have been more authentic. So here are the images, and thank you again to Tiara and Daniel.

Tiara's fish

Tiara's plank

2 Responses to “My #1 fan”

  1. Tiara said

    Hey that was really cool of you to put the stuff my dad and I did for you on your blog, thanks. Also thanks for letting us come out and hang out with you and Emily and for letting us see your CPG stuff. Can’t wait to see you at the Chicago con. Also my dad and I are working on something new for you. (heh, heh) 🙂

  2. David Petersen said

    That ‘Dad’ piece is really cool!
    Makes me want to make her driftwood & rope sword

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