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new sketchbook

Posted by jeremybastian on May 8, 2008

So if everything goes accordingly, I will have a new sketchbook for Chicago and all the cons that follow. Taking my inspiration from Mr. Mike Mignola and his sketchbook from San Diego 2006 -“some drawings”. It’s a cool little sketchbook with awesome Mignolaesque creatures and other. So here is the first drawing I’ve done for it, it’s a Manticore. A mythological creature that has the body of a lion, the head of a man, and a tail that can shoot needles (I put bat wings on mine cuz when I image googled him that’s how I saw a lot of them drawn). The originals will be for sale and under the prices my pages are available for. I won’t be posting all these because there should be some surprise in it but stay tuned from time to time and I’ll give you more glimpses.

the manticore

9 Responses to “new sketchbook”

  1. David Petersen said

    I love how his face is distored from an typical man’s face to meet up with the neck/mane of the lion.

  2. Maija said

    I’m looking forward to picking this up at SDCC which I WILL BE AT!! Yay!

  3. Bruce said

    Hello Jeremy,
    We talked briefly on Friday evening at the Motor City Comic Con and I wanted to come by and check out your website and blog. You have some amazing drawings here filled with all the wonderful things that interest me, as well. I will check back often and will link your site on my blog (if you don’t mind).

    p.s check out Phillipe Druillet (www.phillipedruillet.com). You may like his work.

  4. Bruce said

    oops. The website is http://www.druillet.com

  5. tiara said

    hi how is it going? im real excited my b-day is june fri. 13 :O !

  6. Jim said

    JEREMY! Hey Man, I’ll be seeing you in Chicago at Wizard World again this year! So gear up, cause I’m going to be asking you to draw me another one of your AWESOME werewolf pictures when I see ya, so we’ll talk about the details of the drawing on that Friday when I see you (you’re planning on doing drawings that weekend, right?). I know I’m going to want one of your new sketchbooks too, as you’re an AWESOME artist. My Friends and I went out to dinner tonight for a birthday party (you met some of them at Novi and at Wizard World last year), and we were talking about if you’ll be at Wizard World this year, so I told them I would go online and email ya, but then I saw your blog here, so posted here, ha, ha.
    See you in two weeks, looking forward to it,
    Stay cool,

  7. Jim said

    Happy birthday Tiara!

  8. Jim said

    See you tomorrow at Wizaerd World Dude, so get ready to draw another cool werewolf Man, ha, ha! See you tomorrow!

  9. Hey Jeremy,

    It was nice seeing you at Wizard World Chicago last weekend. It was a shame
    that I didn’t get more time to hear about what you’ve been up to, but thanks
    for King and Queen Walrus. I’m going to walk over and show the Magic art
    director the regal couple here in a few minutes.

    It occurred to me as I was looking for a place to safely put the piece until
    I could find the right frame for it (at Goodwill and Salvation Army…the
    world’s two greatest frame stores) and I ended tucking it between two books
    in my Edwin Tunis section of my bookshelf. I thought the regal Odobenides
    would find comfort there.

    Beautiful work as always. Please put me on your list or whatever.

    Peter Whitley
    Senior Art Director, Wizards of the Coast

    P.S. After sending bounced emails to info@jeremybastian.com and a few other shots in the dark, I decided to just post here.

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