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San Diego the con.

Posted by jeremybastian on July 31, 2008

Well alrighty I’m back from the San Diego show, a couple of days to recoup and here’s why.
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />
no not the mustache… The con was a 5 dayer, wed. was preview night followed by 4 more full days of craziness. I was set up at the Century Guild booth(?) as you can see it was a little more than just a booth. Those are all original prints and posters from 1930 and earlier. Just a little bit intimidating.
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”Century Guild” />

I had two whole tables to set up my picture wares as well as some pretty spectacular posters Olympian Publishing made from images created for the two portfolios I had available. Then I was surprised by this-
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”the poster” />
the original image is 4.5 inches by 7.5 inches and this poster is 6 feet by 10 feet- hee hee hee! So that was cool. Here is where I would like to thank Tom and Jack and Stuart and Reagan and Kirsten (pronounced Caston) and I apologize if I spelled any of those names wrong. The whole Century Guild crew made me feel very special (not that Emily doesn’t call me special all the time). I was happy to meet a lot of people who really liked my work. Thank you everyone who stopped by to look and couldn’t leave without taking something with them and thank you to all of you who just stopped by to look. I had a really great time and that was mainly because of all of you.

Fri. night I had the pleasure to attend the Eisner awards with Emily and Mr. and Mrs. Petersen and was especially proud of watching Dave win two Eisner awards. Last year he won the Russ Manning award, I was not there to see that. I’m glad I was there to see this. Here’s Dave at the podium, I’m sure you’ll get more off of his blog through his site Davepetersen.net
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”the Eisners” />

Now for something a bit different, here are three of the four con. illustrations I did for con. goers. I would like to thank all of you who decided to fork over the dough so I could make these little cookies (I don’t know was that to lame?).
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”the sea serpent” /><img src=”5CC” alt=”5 color cowboy” /><img src=”San Diego CPG” alt=”CPG” />

I should be getting a scan of the last one soon.
So one of the coolest things that happened at the con was almost to unbelievable. One of the neat things about setting up at the Century Guild was that since they dealt with not your every day con merchandise they attract different customers. I had the honor to meet one of my favorite directors. While the first Saw movie was a milestone, I truly find the sequels much more appealing. Darren Bousman is to thank for that. I looked up from trying to get some minutes in on one of my commissions to find that the person in front of me was the Darren Bousman. Well frankly… I turned into a frickin fanboy instantly. He did humor me by purchasing one of my portfolios and I forced a free print on him. It was the least I could do.

I didn’t end up buying much, a couple of sketchbooks, a print or two. The con can get a bit crazy Emily and I only had time to walk around a little before they let people in. Just enough time to be ignored by some of my favorite artists. Oh well, I probably did that to some people too. I guess at that kind of con you can’t be Mr. Friendly to everyone.

A final nod to some friends who shared the insanity of the con with me- Katie Cook and Ryan Wilcox (I think I spelled that right?) Dave Petersen and Julia Petersen, Mark Smiley from Archaia, and once more to Tom and the Century Guild. I can’t tell you how much all of you helped make me feel less crazy and a little bit more professional. I’ll be putting up a little more once I figure out how to get the pictures up.

Thank you to everyone who decided to read all this.

9 Responses to “San Diego the con.”

  1. A. Cline said

    Hey hey. Just wanted to say it was pleasure meeting you at SDCC. I was the dude that kept babbling on about staedtler pigment liner pens lol. i always meet a new artist that I enjoy and never knew prior through this con. last time it was Gris Grimly and I’d have to say this time it was you. i wasn’t able to attend the eisner awards, but im glad to hear about Petersen. anyways, take care and ill try to keep an eye out for cursed pirate girl!

  2. Yay comic-con!! It was such a pleasure getting to meet you and see all your works in person- I was SO thrilled you had a booth set up and I got to buy a print- it’s so so beautiful. (wish I had more money to buy some of the portfolios- they were so gorgeous!) I’ve been trying to highlight different artists I met during the con on my blog, so once I render out my hippocampus/mermaid illo out a bit more, I’ll do a proper shout out to your site and work 🙂

    Your work is so exquisite- it was so inspiring to see all your works up close and in person (vs the web) and get to talk to you. (that’s what the con’s all about, right? so many great artists!) Thanks again, and take care!!

  3. lark said

    hi, i stumbled upon your website and blog, and now regret not having seen your work at SDCC. do you still have any sketchbooks for sale? a few of your links online are broken(need authorization) could you please let me know, thanks

  4. Doug Klauba said

    Nice to see the images. Glad to hear that you guys had fun, I wish I could have been there to enjoy the show. Maybe next year I can plan to not have deadlines around Comic-Con… Love that banner!

  5. Brienne said

    I love that huge banner! That’s so sweet.

  6. Your table did turn out great! Hopefully I’ll join you guys at the convention next year.

  7. asiansteev said

    Hey Jeremy, you gave me the most amazing zombie sketch at Wizard World. Thank you so much. I just posted it on my zombie sketch blog; http://thirtytwozombies.blogspot.com
    Thanks again!

  8. Howdy, Jeremy!
    I am so glad to have found you at SDCC, I’m really digging the portfolio I got from you, and everyone I show it to here in Portland is just damn impressed by it. I can’t wait to read Cursed Pirate Girl, and to see what other maddeningly detailed artwork you’re cooking up.

  9. Hi Jeremy, we picked up your portfolio at San Diego and it’s the best thing ever! It was great to meet you, kinda lame that it’s taken me this long to look you up online. Congrats on your recent engagement and really looking forward to your comic!

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