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Baltimore and then one

Posted by jeremybastian on September 19, 2008

So next weekend is the Baltimore con. and I’m gonna be there. I think my table will be right next to Mr. Dave Petersen in artist alley so come on by. I will have the two portfolios that were available at the San Diego con. they each have 7 images printed on really nice paper and are limited to an edition of 100. I gotta check in with my publisher to see about posters still, so I’ll let you know about that soon.

I have also been invited to this con. which is pretty cool that I got an invite! It looks pretty sweet, Jason Howard is going to be there, I met Jason a loooong time ago and have been a fan of his since. And Scottie Young will be there and I absolutely love his work on the New X-Men. So that’s gonna be really cool! I encourage anybody to come on down, it’s a one day show and it’s only $5 a ticket!! Olympian publishing (my new publisher) is also setting up a spot there so you gotta check em out.

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