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Posted by jeremybastian on September 19, 2008

So last week Emily and I went on a camping trip. We left Wed. morning at 4:30 (nice and early) we headed out for the U.P. for those not fluent in Michigan geography that stands for the Upper Peninsula. Or as our little circle of artistic miscreants like to call- Canada Land. We first went up to Tahquamenon Falls and then White Fish Pt. had a pastie and then headed to Grand Marais to camp for the night. Very beautiful, nice weather, not too crowded. The next destination was Sable Falls (I liked these a little better than Tahq. Falls, not as touristy), then Pictured Rocks to look for bald eagles at tower rock/castle rock? Emily’s not here right now or I’d ask her. We did see a bald eagle sitting in a very tall pine tree. Then we headed for the pinnacle of our trip Copper Harbor, the most northern part of the U.P. it started to rain, we got to a campground then decided to spend the night in the car. Dinner was a disaster, fire took forever to start and then never wanted to die out. Woke up twice to find it started up after previous attempts to kill it. Nice campground though. The next day was nice and dry we checked out a couple of things Fort Wilkinson, the Estivant Pines (500+ year old pine trees), and the local gift and antique spots as well as a diner that made fritter french toast. Awesomely deliciously bad for you I’m sure. Then we headed south, managed to find a Fazoli’s in Escanaba just before dusk, then shortly after found a campground in the dark and set up. Again a nice night for camping. We were the only ones there with a tent, all the other “campers” were in campers. We were also the only ones there under 60, as far as I could tell. In the morning we took Connor out to the beach. It was chilly and foggy and very still, we let the dog run around finally giving him a break from riding in the car and being confined to a leash. Then I sat down on a drift wood tree trunk and Emily came to sit next to me. It seemed just right enough. I clumsily pulled out a small red box I’ve been holding on to for a month or so, and asked her to marry me. She said of course. The ring wasn’t too much of a surprise because she had picked it out. A gold Victorian red Garnett and seed pearl ring. We were both kinda goofy for a while after that. We headed home came down through St. Ignace trying to find more pasties, a sort of book end delicacy for the whole U.P. excursion. Ended up smack dab in the middle of a truck rally/festival/something, which was pretty entertaining to say the least. Nothing like being held up in a crowd of people trying to get a sweet ass picture of a semi cab with an airbrushed river flowing on the side with white horses breaking forth from the water. It rained the whole way back, had a detour to Call of the Wild in Gaylord a place I’ve been going to with my family since I was a kid. I just had to introduce Emily to it. We are thinking of having the wedding two years from this Oct. …um… the end… Oh yeah here are some pictures.
<img src=”Me” alt=”null” /><img src=”a great view” alt=”null” /><img src=”Sable Falls” alt=”null” /><img src=”Lower Tahquamenon Falls” alt=”null” /><img src=”Emily and big wooden thing with wheels” alt=”null” />null<img src=”Me and a different great view” alt=”null” /><img src=”Estivant Pine” alt=”null” /><img src=”cannon at Fort Wilkinson” alt=”null” /><img src=”connor and the tent” alt=”null” />

3 Responses to “camping and bling”

  1. Aw, congratulations to the both of you!!! how exciting!! 😀 I’m glad the trip was a success- enjoy your engagement.. Wedding planning is totally crazy : P (and EVERYONE will ask you if you have a date, so it’s good you at least have a month/year pinned down… more than my fiance and I have, much to the chagrin of our parents!) ha ha!

    😀 much luck and happiness to you and Emily!

    (ps- I want to see pics of that airbrushed semi you mentioned!)

  2. Daniel Thayer said

    Congratulations!!!! You guys are Really a great couple, I wish the best for you both!

  3. Kevin Donlan said

    I second Dan’s sentiments. Congratulations and good luck with the planning. Two years will seem like plenty of time to plan until you start getting to “The Day”.

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