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Posted by jeremybastian on October 1, 2008

I spent this weekend at the Baltimore comicon. It was a two day show but I really enjoyed it. Emily and I stayed with Dave and Julia Petersen at the nicest hotel I have ever set foot in. It was called the Intercontinental, the room was humongous, the breakfast’s pricey and filling, and the master bath had a friggin pool for a tub. My list for con illustrations filled up in pretty much the first half hour. Before I even had everything set up. I’m not taking as many these days just because it really stresses me out. Here are the ones I was able to complete at the con. <img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />
<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” /> I’m still working on one for Mr. Shawn Fritschy, one of my best clients. Feel free to check out his CAF (comic art fans for the uninitiated) gallery here. I met some really nice people who really like my work.

I would like to take this time to just say how much I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to stop by my table and become fans even though my book isn’t out yet. It gives me hope that the series won’t be a complete failure.

Emily and I drove the 8 and a half hours into Baltimore and Dave and Julia were waiting for us to show up before they had dinner. Which meant dinner at 11 at night when most things were already closed. We had an awesome dinner the second night with a lot of the folks from Archaia Studios Press, I had a great time thanks Nick, Jackie, Kate, and Alex.

Among the people I talked with at the con was a gentleman named Christian Slade, I first met Christian in San Diego he sat at the same table at the Eisner awards. His book Korgi was nominated for an Eisner and I must say it is very beautiful. I had not been acquainted with Korgi but I picked one up and immediately bought it, I highly recommend it. Thankyou very much Christian.

One more con for this year… the Windy City con. I’m especially excited about this one since Olympian Publishing will be setting up there also we’re gonna be neighbors. Here’s a link to that one. Hope to see you there.

The con. was a definite success and I want to do it again next year.

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  1. Ben Friedman said

    Hey Jeremy! Ben Friedman here — thanks for the great work you did on the Nemo comission at the Baltimore Con — I love it! Your work is gorgeous — I can’t wait to see your published book. Can you please send me an e-mail at the attached address? I lost your e-mail, and can’t seem to get in touch with the folks at Olympian. I would love to hire you for an additional commission, or purchase some original art. Thanks! Ben

  2. Hey man, it was great to meet you at the Baltimore Coomic-con. I just want to reiterate that I think your work is really incredible, and very inspirational. So much so, that I think I might have to break out the nib pens and brushes again….. The first piece under “illustrations” on your site blows my mind like it hasn’t been blown since I first saw Wrightson’s Frankenstein. Be sure to check out Ian Miller’s work if you can find it… his sites are generally not the greatest and don’tdo his work justice, but if you can find a copy of “Ratspike” which is a compilation of his work and this other guy John Blanche, who both illustrated for Games Workshop…. ANyways, keep up the awesome work!!!!

  3. Daniel Thayer said

    Windy City con! Cool, I knew nothing about it, looks like it will be good. I hope we can show up and show some support.

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