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Posted by jeremybastian on December 18, 2008

Yes for the WonderCon in San Francisco I will have a third portfolio.  The previous two portfolios- The Patient Snail, Ink Decoration for Paper and Tedious Treats of Whimsy Born of an Overwhelmed Brush will also be for sale although they are limited and I am running out.  I will have to come up with a name and that is one of the harder parts of the process as you can tell by the predessesors.  Here are two of the four pieces I already have completed.  For all of you that are wondering why is he drawing these portfolio pieces instead of working on his frekkin book I just have to say “jeesh!  I need to break it up a bit”.  The first one is entitled “The Octopus and the Silver Cello” the second “Admiral Doonch’s lion clock”.  I can also tell you that there is a Pook piece in this portfolio.  That doesn’t really help unless you know who Pook the Tarantula is though.  Well Emily and I look forward to seeing you at the show.



3 Responses to “the next portfolio”

  1. daisy said

    love the octopus piece!! Can’t wait for pirate girl to be finished too… (but it will be done when it’s done, right?) hope you post the other two pieces from the portfolio for those of us who can’t make it to SF for the con : )

  2. j.a. said

    POOK! w00t!!1

  3. T. Crane said

    Love the new stuff, glad you’re coming to Wondercon! I picked up one of your portfolios at San Diego and get more compliments on the tea-stained piece than any other piece of art I’ve got up. ; )

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