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Tom’s guitar

Posted by jeremybastian on May 4, 2008

So last year in Chicago I had the good fortune to meet a man named Tom. He talked about a guitar he wanted me to do something on. At first I felt a little uncertain about putting something permanently on an antique guitar like this but I took it on anyway. The octopus and bat motif was Tom’s idea, two good staples of what I like to draw.

I tried first doing it with testers modeling enamel, I thought this would be the best way to replicate the same kind of brush work I’m used to. This didn’t work so well, the line work was too thick and I had to keep going over the same lines to get it nice and dark. I was able to scratch it off very easily. Next I tried ink, I got the same quality of line work but it came off to easily with water. So then I tried identipen, it’s a permanent marker with two ends, one bold one fine. That worked perfectly, good line work and doesn’t come off at all. So here’s what you get.

I’m currently not working on commissions, but this was something I had to do, I hope Tom likes it.

Tom's guitar


octopus detail

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!!free comic book day!!

Posted by jeremybastian on April 28, 2008

Hey y’all! I’m gonna be at Green Brain Comics May 3rd for free comic book day. Here’s a link to what you can expect when you show up. Dave Petersen is giving away a free print and that made me think I should have something free to give away too. So here’s a little ditty starring two peculiar rascals, Pid Fishbat and his sidekick Pook the Tarantula. Someday I will explain why Pook calls himself the Tarantula, don’t worry. This will ofcourse only be available on that day at that store, so come on down and check out all the cool stuff.

free print for free comicbook day

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The cover to issue 3

Posted by jeremybastian on April 27, 2008

cover to issue 3

This will give you some idea of the mangy pirate types that operate on the Omertas.

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the unrelease party

Posted by jeremybastian on April 23, 2008

Well I found out today that I won’t have any books for the release party for issue one. No sense in having a release party with nothing to release. So I am forced to cancel it. When I get a definite in store date I will be rescheduling it. So look for those post cards with a new little sticker replacing the date.

AAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAaaaaaaaaAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! …that helped a little…
thank you for your understanding.

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New York con.

Posted by jeremybastian on April 23, 2008

This past weekend I attended the New York comicon at the Javits Center. It was a good show. I didn’t have to much time to check out any of the panels but, I had a great time with the Archaia crew. I made some great new friends, and all are extremely talented. I’m really proud to be a member of Archaia.

I sold a couple of pages from issue 2 and did a number of con sketches. That should pay the rent for awhile. Here are a couple of the sketches I couldn’t finish at the show, so I took them home. Just finished them about an hour ago. Again I forgot a camera so I don’t have images of any of the other sketches. heh heh Anyway, here’s Pan, Ariel, and another one of the most famous bird in the comic biz, Coda.


Ariel and flounder

Coda of the deep and CPG

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cpg on a nautilus

Posted by jeremybastian on April 6, 2008

<img src=”Doug's con sketch” alt=”a serious con sketch” />

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places to visit some of my stuff

Posted by jeremybastian on April 5, 2008

I’ve got a couple of different spots on the ol internets that have stuff to look at you might’ve seen my website jeremybastian.com but how bout my comicspace site or there’s also my myspace page.

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Cursed Pirate Girl release party

Posted by jeremybastian on April 5, 2008

The first issue comes out April 16th (yay) now the good folks down at Vault of Midnight (219 S. Main st. Ann Arbor MI.) host book release parties for those who want em. Now I got a little prob, see I’ve got to be in New York the 18th through the 20th pushing the book at the con at the Javitz center. The next viable window to host this book release party is a full 10 days after it’s already out in stores. So there you go. The party will be April 26 (it’s a sat.) from 7-9pm, I’m gonna have some tasty things set up as well as a sneak peek at issue two. I kinda got geeked about this and printed up some postcards too, seeing as how I never really had a gallery show or anything. I got them printed from a co. in Detroit called Klever Design and Printing they’ve also got the best deals on business cards. If you’re in the area and you need something like that check them out.
<img src=”postcard front” alt=”postcard front” />
<img src=”postcard back” alt=”postcard back” />

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Where I’ll be

Posted by jeremybastian on April 5, 2008

I will be attending a couple of cons this year and thought someone might want to know which ones. As some might know I have a book that is finally coming out through Archaia Studios Press and they set up at a lot of conventions, more than I can afford. Well I’ll be kicking off the con season with New York, in about two weeks. I’ll be set up at the Archaia table so depending on how many of my fellow creators show up, that’s where you’ll find me some or most of the time.

The next show is in May and it’s at the Rock Financial showplace in Novi MI. My so-to-speak home town show the Motor City Con.

Following that is the Wizard World Chicago, I’m hoping to get my own table for that one in the artist alley (which I still need to send in my check and reg. form,… heh heh) there will be an Archaia table there, so if by some chance the alley is full, you can check there for me. If I do get a table we will still set up some time for me to be behind the ASP booth as well.

Ha haaaa! I will be attending the San Diego con this year! First time behind the table at this one, hopefully they let us have a bigger set up this year. I heard it was kinda small last year. I love this con. and the city, glad I get to share it with Emily (I hope she doesn’t kill me afterward). Here I come Boco de Beppo (hope I got that right, my apologies to any that know differently).

There are two cons. I would like to attend but I’m not 100% on right now that’s Baltimore (oh about 83% sure), and Philly Wizard World (something like 58% sure). Keep it tuned here to find out the deliberations.

I try to have something new for every show so hope to see you out there.

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my first blog

Posted by jeremybastian on January 16, 2008

Okay so I’ve been told I have to do this.  This blog will be for posting elements of my artwork.  Describing the process of how it’s done and what influences it.  I’ll also be posting all my convention appearances, and devulging a good part of what that entails.  I’ll also be able to talk about the neat things (or lack there of) that might come of this dream job in the comic industry.  If anyone reads this and has any questions or comments, feel free to let em rip!

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