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hey a new post!

Posted by jeremybastian on July 8, 2008

Well how bout that I finally got around to doing a new one. Soooo here’s what’s been going on, I had the Chicago con like a couple of weeks ago and it went pretty well. I was facing the far wall at the end of artist alley #1 (the big grouping) but I had a lot of people telling me that friends told them to search me out. Which is really cool, thanks to everyone who enjoyed my stuff so much they wanted to share it with others!!

The con was good, didn’t do to much socializing cause I’m me, talked some shop with my new publisher Olympian publishing. I will be having (instead of a sketchbook) two portfolios available with images painstakingly invented to thrill those who love the kinds of things I love. The manticore from an earlier post will be included in these. The first one is entitled -The Patient Snail ink decoration for paper. I think I’ve got a title for the second but I have to mull it over some more. Each portfolio will have 7 images and here are a couple I’ve come up with.

<img src=”the griffon” alt=”null” />

<img src=”the rivals” alt=”null” />

<img src=”the bat knight” alt=”null” />
I will also have some of these available as individual prints. The portfolios are $35 apiece the unique individual prints are $20. Those I have printed on heavy paper and then stain and bake them. I think they look like they’ve been torn right from old books. hee hee

A big thankyou to Mr. Tom Negovan for letting Emily and I stay at his amazing house. Shout out to the General Jack Cosmo crew for a hilarious night of berating someone much more powerful and far richer than us. Thank you to Mr. Dave Petersen for coming with me. A definate thank you goes to Daniel Thayer, his wife, and friends (I know I’m a jerk, I’m just really bad with remembering names so please forgive me, I do remember Rick and of course Tiara and Isaac. But I’m at a loss for everyone else… um…heh…*) for a equally hilarious night of wonderfully gross stories. Finally, the biggest thank you to my sweety Emily for putting up with facing a wall and for putting up with me. I can’t wait to see what she thinks of San Diego.

So I’m getting ready for Toronto! That’s in a couple of days. I hope to see anyone there.

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Where I’ll be

Posted by jeremybastian on April 5, 2008

I will be attending a couple of cons this year and thought someone might want to know which ones. As some might know I have a book that is finally coming out through Archaia Studios Press and they set up at a lot of conventions, more than I can afford. Well I’ll be kicking off the con season with New York, in about two weeks. I’ll be set up at the Archaia table so depending on how many of my fellow creators show up, that’s where you’ll find me some or most of the time.

The next show is in May and it’s at the Rock Financial showplace in Novi MI. My so-to-speak home town show the Motor City Con.

Following that is the Wizard World Chicago, I’m hoping to get my own table for that one in the artist alley (which I still need to send in my check and reg. form,… heh heh) there will be an Archaia table there, so if by some chance the alley is full, you can check there for me. If I do get a table we will still set up some time for me to be behind the ASP booth as well.

Ha haaaa! I will be attending the San Diego con this year! First time behind the table at this one, hopefully they let us have a bigger set up this year. I heard it was kinda small last year. I love this con. and the city, glad I get to share it with Emily (I hope she doesn’t kill me afterward). Here I come Boco de Beppo (hope I got that right, my apologies to any that know differently).

There are two cons. I would like to attend but I’m not 100% on right now that’s Baltimore (oh about 83% sure), and Philly Wizard World (something like 58% sure). Keep it tuned here to find out the deliberations.

I try to have something new for every show so hope to see you out there.

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